Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fresh start

It has been 2 years. what had happened feels so fresh, it just felt like its yesterday.... how many months that i didn't blog? I've lost count... wanted to blog since the day i started my new job but i just didn't manage to log in here.. always been occupied by stuffs....

First, i FINALLY dropped my old job as a Brand Ambassador and now I'm a sales consultant at VOLKSWAGEN. hooray~~~
its not an easy task selling a product from Rm10 and now selling something over hundred thousand. what a huge gap LOL
its been 4 months + now, and the only thing i can say is this job is tough. tough not just mean selling something so high end but also to deal with internal problem. its really a super competitive line. Don't talk about the negatives one and talk about the positive one which is i get to know this luxurious brand, get to feel it, touch it and to be in the front line for any updates, new models blablabla xD I've fall in love with VW but its kinda headache to memorize all the specs, i still get confused now and then hahaha for a girl like me that doesn't know a single thing bout cars 4 months ago, now i feel so proud of myself ROFL
4 months + 5 cars. not many but surely progressing =)

my first Beetle 1.6

my first Golf 1.4

my first Golf GTI 2.0

my first Polo 1.2

my second Golf 1.4

Beetle, Polo, Golf, GTI. what's next? Scirocco, Eos, Passat CC, Tiguan, Touareg?? muahahaha

Can't wait for the new models to arrive!! namely Golf R, Tiguan new facelift, Polo GTI...just to name a few xDD


this is what i get for my birthday this year xD
pls don't ask me again why i get this instead of iphone...
i just wanna get it...don't really like iphone 4 thou, maybe iphone 5 will change my mind?

I still have stories to tell but let's just stop here today as my fingers almost froze being in the showroom. its just freaking
cold here!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

been sick for 3 weeks, diarrhoea for 2 weeks n fever,flu,cough follow up.. d longest period of sickness.. zzz i never stay sick for more den 3 days one usually. in d end i found out its a chinese believe thing... white clashed v red... jus becoz i visited a friend at hospital and a week after my bro wedding got me into such mess =.= i will reli keep tat in mind d... not to mention, i wont ever forget haha

after bro wedding, all my time now spend mostly at Yik Foong , De Fashion Hill. good thing is tat, i can have a place to sell my stuff, and d down side is tat im stuck in a shop.... kinda boring actually asking my to stick my ass on d chair for hours... zzzzz *backache*

jus managa to book a trip to Bali~~~~ hooray~~~~ v 7 others.. namely Frances, Bibisam, Carol, Evann, Mun Wai, Foon and Ken~~~ i know its 3 more mths to go but i jus cant wait!!! muahahahaahahah

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jerry & Wawa

My first wedding slideshow =)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jus havin some fun

this was when me n eliz having lunch in JJ food court today. when i was half way eating, eliz keep saying how gross i look n we keep laughing, so suddenly we got d idea of sharing it v all our frens and so we decided to video it~ i still dunno how to edit video v iMovie,and this is my 1st video so u guys jus hv to accept this 1st,will try to make better ones next time =))

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brand new Me

sudden thought n chop off my long locks.... no more sexy,seductive,vixen looks... now im being describe as one word.... "CUTE" n this is my lease fav word

this look, recalled flashbacks... happy moments.. glad ur in my life.. thank u..

Sunday, October 10, 2010


what is love?
when u woke up seeing h/she beside u n u will feel warmed n touched
what is love?
when u r lonely u hv someone to lean on
what is love?
when ur sad u got shoulders to cry on
what is love?
u hv someone special to share ur happiness
what is love?
when u r mad about something u can jus call h/she to bla everything out
what is love?
when u open ur eyes the first one u think of is h/she
what is love?
when u r sick, thr will be someone to take care of u
what is love?
you can hv someone to go on dates together
what is love?
when u feeling lost, h/she will cheer u up
what is love?
when h/she sad or happy u will feel the same for h/her
what is love?
you will alwiz think of him,wondering what is h/she doing right now
what is love?
it will make u feel insecure
what is love?
its all bout compromise
what is love?
there will be promises made
what is love?
h/she wouldn't care how u look, h/she actually want u to treat h/her with all ur heart
what is love?
it can be base on materials, if ur rich,u will definitely hv a lot of bees around u
what is love?
it is just complicated... a knowledge u can never mastered

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

one of d cam-whoring night

few days ago,after work,got no plans. tried on my newly bought dress, tied up my hair, tot jus take a few shots... ended up i got 183pics taken in 1hour++ lolx n here r some of them =)
it took me bloody few hours to load jus one pic here,mayb bcoz im also uploading pics to fb slows it down... ill upload again later... really gotta go to bed d... its almost 5.30 in d morning d... nitey nitezz